Special Narcotics Prosecutor for the City of New York

Bridget G. Brennan, SNP

Bridget G. Brennan has been New York City's Special Narcotics Prosecutor since 1998. Her office is the primary narcotics prosecution agency in the city. The Office of the Special Narcotics Prosecutor handles an average of 3,000 indictments a year, conducts investigations into national and international drug trafficking organizations and participates in large-scale Police Department operations targeting specific areas of New York City. Ms. Brennan joined the Office in 1992 and served as the second in command from 1995 to 1997. Prior to that, she was the Chief of the Special Investigations Bureau overseeing some of the most significant narcotics investigations in the country. Ms. Brennan has been a prosecutor since 1983 when she joined the New York County District Attorney's Office. Ms. Brennan graduated from the University of Wisconsin Law School with a Juris Doctor degree. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Wisconsin.